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Our mission is to build AI chips capable of running the world's most advanced models efficiently. We believe this is a critical lever in making AI computing more sustainable for the next generation.

  • 2024 Gen 2 product RNGD (TSMC 5nm) launch
  • 2023 WARBOY official volume production with Samsung Foundry and ASUS
  • 2022– Global ecosystem partnership with Hugging Face, Samsung, SK Hynix, TSMC, ASUS, LG AI Research
  • 2022 Commercial enterprise and public cloud deployment with Kakao
  • 2021 First AI chip startup to outperform Nvidia on MLPerf Inference
  • 2021 Gen 1 product WARBOY (Samsung 14nm) launch
  • 2017 R&D begins in Seoul

Build the world's most advanced AI chips with us