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Join us in building the future of AI


We came together to really reinvent AI computing from the ground up and at every level.

– Hanjoon, Furiosa CTO

Furiosa Way

Shared vision

Since day 1, our hardware and software team have worked together as a single team toward a shared vision.

Fierce execution

We execute fiercely towards the bold vision we set for ourselves.

Show, don't tell

We disregard hype or self-promotion. Instead we let our products and results speak. 

Furiosa Worldwide

To build a formidable team, we embrace a global mindset, allowing us to attract top talent without constraints.

Korea HQ

Our R&D headquarters was established in 2017 in Seoul where we've been fortunate to leverage Korea’s robust semiconductor and tech innovation ecosystem


Our North American hub is based in Santa Clara, California but our U.S. employees and advisors are represented across the States.

Germany HQ

FuriosaAI welcomes a new hub in Germany to begin research and partnership initiatives in Europe


Open roles

Browse through all our open roles, or reach out to us to inquire about a role. contact@furiosa.ai